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Experts predict that the upcoming winter is going to be colder than the past winter seasons. You’d have to prepare as early as now if you want to reduce your discomfort during days of extreme cold. You would also have to think about your future winter activities – are you going hiking, skiing, or hunting? If so, you need to have the best warmers to keep you nimble, not mere products you put in your pocket.

If you want to know the current best hand warmers in the market, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the list below and see which one you should you get.

10 Best Hand Warmers for a Day on the Slopes

1. Zippo Hand Warmer

Best Lighter Fluid Hand Warmer

best lighter fluid hand warmer

As you would expect from a Zippo product, this hand warmer runs on lighter fluid, so you’ll have to buy some more when it runs out. Check out its pros and cons to see what’s so great about this product.


What makes this product stand out is that it’s both long-lasting and affordable. Zippo claims that it lasts up to 12 hours, but some users claim that it can stay hot even beyond that. Many people, therefore, claim this to be the best rechargeable hand warmer.

best lighter fluid hand warmers

When the Zippo hand warmer does run out of heat, you only need to refill it and you’ll be able to use it again for 12 hours or so. As long as you have a lighter fluid in hand, won’t have to look for an outlet, and you won’t have to wait for it to recharge.


It’s more hassle to refill it than to plug it in, not to mention that you’d have to buy lighter fluids time and again. There’s no way to turn it off as well – once you turn it on, it will run until it has exhausted the lighter fluid.

2. Human Creations EnergyFlux Ellipse 5,200 mAh

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmer

best rechargeable hand warmer

These gloves by Human Creations are among the best reusable hand warmers in the market. The company claims that it runs for about 6 hours, which is enough for city dwellers taking short walks or attending outdoor winter events.


Its best feature is that it’s rechargeable, allowing you to reuse it again and again. Its heat is comparable to catalytic hand warmers, too, but it has the benefit of allowing you to turn it on and off. With a USB connection, you can even charge it using your smartphone charger or your laptop.

rechargeable hand warmers

On the flip side, you can use it to charge your phone without it heating up, much like how a power bank works.


Its biggest disadvantage is its price, which is about double that of other hand warmers. It’s not like you can use it forever, too, since it’s only good for about 500 charges or so. Once it runs out of juice, it requires about 4 hours and 30 minutes to go from empty to full, which is too long an idle time.

3. Human Creations EnergyFlux Enduro 7,800 mAh

Best Reusable Hand Warmer and Power Bank

Best Reusable Hand Warmers

This Human Creations product has a higher capacity, allowing to last about 7 hours or so. It features the same benefits as the EnergyFlux Ellipse, so you can expect it to have about the same pros and cons.


The EnergyFlux Enduro lasts a little longer than the Ellipse, but other than that, the only difference is the flashlight. It’s more useful to take on trips where you would want to be warm while holding a light source.

Best Reusable Hand Warmer and Power Bank


If the smaller EnergyFlux is already heavy for you, this one is even heavier due to its larger size. Because of that, it’s not preferable to bring if you carry a small bag or if you have small pockets. Other than these extra disadvantages, it carries the same flaws as the one above, which might make it not the best rechargeable hand warmer for you.

4. Fourheart Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Best Hand Warmers for the Money

Best Hand Warmers for the Money

This Fourheart rechargeable pair is both a hand warmer and power bank in one. It’s a popular choice for those who want hand warmers that also look good since it features a great design.


What makes this hand warmer preferable is that it has double side heating. This, when combined with its pebble shape, makes it quite comfortable to hold in your hands. It has a pretty durable construction with high-tech materials. The charging time is a major plus, too, as it’s lower than the device above.

best hand warmers

According to Fourheart, it only takes 2 to 3 hours to reach a full charge, and it then lasts for 5 to 10 hours depending on use.


The only caveat of this product would be the temperature as it may not be able to heat up to the temperature you’d like. It might not be suitable for places with low cold temperatures as we can only describe it as warm, not hot.

5. Grabber Hand Warmers

Best Disposable Hand Warmers

Best Hand Warmers- Disposable

Many people prefer traditional hand warmers over reusable devices despite being low tech. They’re still useful and sometimes, the Grabber hand warmers are more helpful than the devices above.


These hand warmers are light and small, making them perfect as your travel companions in your winter activities. You can also keep them until the moment you need them. At which point, you get one, expose it to air, wait for it to warm up, and enjoy 7 hours of warmth.


The only disadvantage would be that each warmer is only good for single use, so you’ll have to buy more when you run out. Because they’re disposable, they’re not that good for the environment, either

6. HotHands Hand Warmers

Best Charcoal Hand Warmer

HotHands Hand Warmers

Another great option for you is from HotHands, which is the same product as the above save for some features.


This may be the best type of hand warmer to take with you when you’re out hunting or skiing. They fit well inside your gloves or your ski socks because they’re okay to put next to your skin, unlike the one above. HotHands Hand Warmers are also able to hold heat for much longer and better – about 10 continuous hours. They’re odorless, versatile, and overall a great quality product.

best charcoal hand warmer


Aside from the fact that disposables aren’t great for the environment, one of their flaws is that they can take up to an hour before they reach their maximum temperature. You may also find the heat a bit lacking, especially in colder temperatures.

7. HotSnapZ Gel Pocket Warmer
hot snapz hand warmers

HotSnapZ products are gel hand warmers with a little metal inside. It heats up when you click the metal disc floating in the gel, which triggers a reaction that heats up the package. How does it differ from the HotHands and Grabbers hand warmers, then?


The good thing about these warmers is that they can heat up at a fast rate and that it reaches a temperature of up to 130 degrees F, which are great features for when you need a quick boost of warmth.

Unlike the examples above, these are reusable, and so they don’t pose the same risks to the environment. According to the instructions, you boil them in water for about 15 minutes when they lose their heat. This should make it good for another use, which triggers when you click that metal disc again.


The main issue with the HotSnapZ gel pocket warmer is that it doesn’t keep the heat for too long -you can only get 30 to 90 minutes of warmth from it. After which, you’ll have to reheat them. If you need warmth for long periods of time, this is not the right product for you.

8. VentureHeat Avert 7.4V Heated Glove Liner

Best Hand Warmer Gloves

best hand warmer gloves

This is another type that takes on the shape of a glove, but they’re thin enough to fit inside the usual glove. The VentureHeat Avert heats up as long as you want it to – and as long as you keep it plugged in.


When you can’t keep your hands inside your pocket to do something and you need the dexterity of your fingers and hands, this is the solution for you. With these, you can keep your hands open for activities, such as driving a motorcycle. In fact, this is the typical use of a glove liner. It goes inside the motorcycle gloves so drivers can maintain their grips without exposing their fingers and hands to the cold.


They’re more expensive than most of the options in this list, and they don’t work if not connected to a power source. They have specific uses, so if you want to use a hand warmer while you’re walking, you’re better off with the other options.

9. Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer
hand warmers

If you’re thinking of going hunting, don’t forget to take a muff warmer with you. These things can make you comfortable enough to leave your fingers exposed.


While other hand warmers would also be great to take with you hunting, having a product for this specific purpose is a better choice, don’t you think? Many hunters swear by the Muff Pak hand warmer as this can go with them on a whole day of hunting without losing much of its heat.


As this is a fleece unit, you can’t expect to be waterproof, so you’ll have to sit out the rain. While it will still function in wet conditions, it’s still best to not let it soak up too much water. It may also not fit that well for people with smaller frames.

10. Smoko Toast Heated Typing Gloves
best heated gloves

Although it’s not as rigorous as hunting or driving, typing is still a hard thing to do with your frozen fingers. That’s why you need typing gloves, which keep them free while still warming them. These Smoko Toast gloves perfectly fit the bill.


Smoko gloves have adorable designs, which make them a great choice for both kids and adults. They’re a versatile product – you can adjust the wrist straps and the temperature settings.


Though they are among the best hand warmers around, there are a few issues. Its design can be a disadvantage, though, especially if you’d rather have plain ones. As you’d need to plug them in via USB, you’ll need 2 ports for each glove, which isn’t convenient at all.

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