Thanks for visiting our featured page of the best snowboard and ski goggles for this season. Getting the right pair of snow goggles for the conditions you will be facing is a big part of maintaining awareness and vision of your surroundings. Nobody wants to be that guy (or girl) stuck in a blizzard with a pair of Ray Bans on. You need a pair of goggles with the right lens, comfortable fit, and of course most importantly they need to look stylish. Some individuals buy multiple pairs for different occasions, though many goggle manufacturers are now offering models where you can swap lenses on the fly if conditions change or the sun starts to set. What are the best snowboard goggles/best ski goggles? Depends on what you need. From the king of snow goggles Oakley to lesser known brands such as Bern and POC, there’s something for everyone in this best of list.

The first stop on this run is our comparison chart of the top ski goggles. Following that, we have a general discussion about ski and snowboard goggles. We talk about what’s important and why there are so many different goggles and types for snowboarding and skiing. You may also want to hit the selection guide park on your way down. At the bottom, last but not least, is our top picks in the ski goggles review section. There, you’ll find the best snow goggles in each price range and why.

Comparison Table: 15 Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles 2017-2018 Season

These slick goggles will keep the salt spray out of ye eyes and your vision clear.

Cloud 9 Kids Snow GogglesCylindrical ; mirrored12
Smith Optics Sidekick Youth Snow GoggleCylindrical ; clear8
Bolle Carve Snow GogglesCylindrical ; non-polarized4
Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow GoggleCylindrical ; multiple options20+
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PROSpherical ; mirrored ; interchangeable10
POC Lobes Ski GogglesSpherical ; multiple options ; interchangeable16
Bern Eastwood GogglesSpherical ; mirrored ; interchangeable5
Dragon Alliance NFXS Ski GogglesCylindrical ; mirrored ; interchangeable15
Dragon Alliance NFX2 Ski GogglesSpherical ; multiple options ; interchangeable20+
Electric California EG3.5 Adult GogglesSpherical ; mirrored ; interchangeable17
Smith Optics I/OS Ski and Snowboard GoggleSpherical ; multiple options ; interchangeable20+
Oakley Flight Deck Ski GogglesSpherical ; multiple options ; interchangeable8
Giro Compass Snow GogglesSpherical ; Vivid (patented) ; interchangeable7
Oakley Airbrake Ski GogglesSpherical ; clear ; interchangeable8
Burton Anon M2 GogglesSpherical ; mirrored ; interchangeable3

The Captain’s Orders: Choose Ski Goggles that Don’t Fog Up

Pirate CaptainMany times it has been said that of all your mountain gear the goggles are most important. As a wise man once emphasized, “The better you see, the better you ski. It’s that simple.” Good vision is imperative to not only staying safe, but also locating the prime powder and route to take down the mountain. At high altitudes the air is thinner which means less ultraviolet rays are filtered out. That makes the sun’s reflection on that perfect white snow that much more brighter and intense. Not to mention harsh wind that will make your eyes tear up and blur your vision. The best ski goggles will be comfortable, protect your peepers, and won’t go flying each time you take a little tumble.

Sure, you may be able to get away with sunglasses on a perfect day. The stars need to align: warm weather, low to zero wind, and no precipitation. At the mountain weather can change fast and you don’t want to be hunting around for a pair of 100 dollar Oakley sunglasses in poor visibility. A pair of snow goggles is almost always a better choice. Some of the latest goggles enable you to switch lenses according to the weather conditions — darker lenses for brighter conditions, lighter lenses for poor light, and clear lenses for night time shredding under the floodlights.

There’s no two ways around it, there are a ton of snowboarding and ski goggles out there. Each model usually has its own nuances that make it special. Whether it be anti-fogging, extra UV protection, special coatings, spherical/cylindrical lens, or one of the many more elements that compose a pair of snow goggles each one comes with its own pros and cons list. The benefit of having so many options is that if you’re smart about it, you can pick out a pair that features exactly what you need. The downside is that it takes a little more time to sift through the options and find the right one. Keep in mind that women’s and men’s as well as skiing and snowboarding goggles all serve the same purpose. While for example some goggles may be marketed as special women’s snowboarding goggles, really the only difference is coloring and style. As long as they fit, men’s goggles can be worn by women and vice versa. The best snowboard goggles are going to make great ski goggles and the best ski goggles are going to be great snowboard goggles.

Snow Tech 101: The Magic of Ski Goggles

What makes or breaks a pair of snow goggles is the lens. Going from a low quality to high quality goggle lens is like going from a standard definition TV to high definition.

What are the Best Goggles for Snowboarding and Skiing

  • Shape: There are two main shapes when it comes to goggles. Cylindrical and spherical. Cylindrical curves from left to right across your face, but vertically they lie flat. They cost much less, but you sacrifice some peripheral vision and the flatness sometimes causes more glare. Spherical lenses are holistically curved (both horizontally and vertically). They cost more but offer better peripheral vision, less distortion, and reduce glare.
  • Tint: Lens tints are rated using visible light transmission (VLT). The higher the VLT, the more light that will pass through the lens. So for example, extremely dark tints have a very low VLT because little light passes through them. Brown, copper, and gray-colored lenses offer reduced VLT and do well on those bright bluebird days. Light tinted lenses such as green, gold, yellow, and amber are higher VLT and a good choice on cloudy days. As you’d imagine, clear lenses are ideal for night skiing.
  • Ventilation: Your body generates heat, especially when twisting and turning when making your way down the mountain. When that heat meats the cold air condensation will form and your vision may be compromised. That is unless you have a cleverly designed pair of goggles. Double-layered lenses, vents, and anti-fog coatings all help prevent the lens from fogging. Some of the high-end models even have small battery operated fans that help disperse moisture.
  • Size: The larger the lens, the better peripheral vision you will have. That is why some manufacturers have moved to “frameless” lenses that maximize every fraction of an inch to give you the best vision possible. Of course, these models are usually the most expensive as well.
  • Other Lens Features: Here are a number of other lens characteristics you may want to be aware of.
    • Mirrored Lenses: These lenses either have full or partial coating on the outside of the outer lens. They allow 5-50% less light in than non-mirrored lenses.
    • Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses main function is to reduce glare from the sun’s rays on snow and water.
    • Interchangeable Lenses: Many new goggles let you swap lenses to adapt to different weather conditions.
    • Photochromic Lenses: These fancy lenses automatically change tint level according to UV intensity as well as weather conditions. Whether indoors or outdoors, the tint gets lighter or darker.
    • Digital Display: Smart goggles now offer advanced technology such as a HUD overlay, GPS, performance, and smartphone information in real time.

Selection Guide: How to Find the Right Pair of Goggles for You

Follow the guide and you will be sure to pick out a pair you’ll be happy with for many seasons to come.

Dragon NFX2 One of the Best Snowboard Goggles


The ideal pair of ski goggles are snug but not uncomfortably tight. If you have a rather large or small head some models are better suited for these head sizes. Some goggles are designed for women’s and kid’s sizes too. Nevertheless, most snow goggle frames are constructed with polyurethane because of the material’s flexibility. Generally all goggles have some sort of strap adjustment whether it be a sliding clip or open and close buckle. There are a few select kids goggles that are one size fits all.


Hand-in-hand with fit is comfort. Helmet compatibility is one thing to look out for and though most are helmet compatible, you may still want to try on the goggles with your helmet to ensure a comfortable fit before buying them. If you haven’t ditched the glasses for contacts and don’t plan to, you’ll want goggles with an over the glass style. These “OTG” goggles have extra space to fit glasses underneath without applying pressure to the nosepiece or temples. You should not be constantly aware of your goggles. If it is too tight and squeezing your head and face, you’ll be constantly aware of them. That decreases your focus on what’s most important: shredding powder. Just the right balance of foam padding is necessary too. Too thick and fogging may become a problem, too thin and you’ll feel the pinch.


Electric EG3 One of the Best Ski GogglesThe lens is the cornerstone of a quality pair of goggles. There are a wide spectrum of lens types available. As a general rule of thumb, darker lenses are best for bright, sunny conditions; lighter lenses are better for cloudy conditions. Clear lenses are best for night boarding or skiing under the floodlights. If you’re planning on doing a lot of mountain trips, you may want a couple pairs for different conditions or a pair that allows you to switch out the lens. Bluebird days: brown, copper, rose, and gray-colored lenses. Cloudy days: green, gold, yellow, and amber colored lenses.


Head turning snowboarding or ski goggles are not at the top of everyone’s list, but style points are worth considering. If you’re going to drop a lot of cash on a nice pair of goggles, you may as well get some that look decent. We’d still suggest putting comfort and lens quality first, but all else being equal go for the style or color that appeals to you.

Review Section: Our Top Picks for the Best Ski & Best Snowboard GogglesSnowboard and Ski Goggles Reviews

Glad you survived the run and made it to the lodge, well-stocked with the best snowboarding gear of course. Here we have it: the best goggles for snowboarding and skiing currently available. These bad boys are so ridiculously awesome they may even blow you right off the chair lift. We update our pages regularly, so you’re always viewing the freshest information and latest product selections. In this list we have the top manufacturers and their best pair of goggles for the money.

1. Dragon Alliance Goggles: Dragon NFX2 Goggles
Dragon NFX2 Goggles

If they are good enough for US halfpipe ace Danny Davis, then they should be good enough for you. These are probably the best snowboard goggles of 2016 right here. The Swiftlock lens change system sets the gold standard for interchangeable lens goggles. Frameless tech, triple foam, micro fleece lining, cylindrical lenses, and armored venting round out this pair of goggles nicely.

2. Electric California Goggles: Electric EG3 Goggles
Electric EG3 Goggles

Brand new from Electric California, the EG3 builds upon the highly successful EG2 goggles. Electric’s EG2 goggles were an industry favorite. Electric California, the OG of oversized lenses looks to have done it again. The brand new Electric Press Seal System helps you get an air tight seal, for a perfectly controlled interior lens. Naturally, the oversized spherical lenses of the EG3 are some of the widest available. For those hunting for the best men’s ski goggles or women’s ski goggles, the EG3 is a great choice.

3. Oakley Goggles: Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck XM Prizm Goggles

You want the best ski goggles? This model from Oakley definitely makes a good case for that title. These fine goggles will help you accomplish mission impossible. The Flight Deck XM Prizm goggles are inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots. The frame-less lens is gorgeous and maximizes your peripheral vision. The dual pane, anti fogging lens offers adrenaline junkies the top in class performance. The “Prizm” tech built into the lens boosts contrast in flat light. Sure they are spendy, but that’s to be expected from the latest 2016 goggle model from Oakley.

4. Smith Goggles: Smith Optics I/O Women’s Ski Goggles

Smith IO Goggles

The Smith I/O Goggles are arguably the best women’s ski goggles/best women’s snowboard goggles available. With many female friendly frame and strap styles, these are some of the prettiest goggles around. A lot of women struggle with finding the right pair of women’s snowboarding goggles. Smith Optics offers these goggles in dozens of styles and lens types too, so you can get the exact pair you are looking for. The I/O’s feature Smith’s quick release system to swap between low and bright light lenses. If you’re looking for a bargain, Smith Optics definitely makes some of the best ski goggles under 100 bucks.

5. VonZipper Goggles: VonZipper Jetpack Goggles
VonZipper Jetpack Goggles

The Jetpack Goggles by VonZipper are the best goggles for skiing and changing lenses on the fly. VZ’s 4Play quick change lens system is badass. With four quick release buttons on the frames lens swapping becomes a breeze (even with bulky gloves on). They offer a large variety of replacement lenses, for whatever environment you can think of. The dual-spherical lenses are drop dead sexy too. These lenses feature True Def technology, which helps filter out unwanted blue light to increase definition and clarity.

6. Scott Goggles: SCOTT Recoil Goggles
Scott Recoil Goggles

These are the best value ski goggles for night time boarding or skiing. Sure these are cheap ski goggles built for both sand and snow sports, but it doesn’t mean they don’t do just fine for a few night runs here and there. This is a great low cost option that features a quality clear lens for the price. If you occasionally do night runs this is an ideal secondary pair of ski goggles. Plus, SCOTT offers 8 color options to choose from.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the other best snowboarding goggles and skiing goggles worth checking out.

7. Zeal Optics Goggles: Zeal Voyager Goggles
Zeal Voyager Goggles

8. Spy Goggles: Spy Bravo Goggles
Spy Bravo Goggles

9. Anon Goggles: Anon M2 Goggles


Anon M2 Goggles by Burton

10. POC Goggles: POC Retina Goggles
POC Retina Goggles

11. Bern Goggles: Bern Eastwood Goggles
Bern Eastwood Goggles

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